In recent years Home of Social Services Slatinka went through numerous changes

21.12.2015 07:28

In recent years Home of Social Services Slatinka went through numerous changes.

The webpage of our organisation offers numerous information as well as a documentary movie, created by our friend Daniela. The documentary will introduce you to our clients, their lives, and their daily joys and sorrows.

During this year, our clients have made a major step towards an independent life - 10 of them have moved out of our year-round social services into apartments, and decided for themselves how and who they want to live with. They chose to live with their partners and integrated themselves into the community of ordinary citizens. They developed their own homes and moved on from the life they were accustomed to - life shared with other clients of the facility. We have adapted to their needs and started to provide a field of social services called “Support for independent living”. We provide these services to our clients at their homes based on their individual needs.

In the field of employment of persons with physical disabilities we are currently launching two new projects - one in cooperation with an external regional employer and the other one managed on our own. Our project has a breath of lavender - this year we have laid the foundations for our new lavender farm. We have planted first seedlings on our acre in Fiľakovo and have further ambitious plans. We are going to learn new things - how to handle lavender and how to produce a variety of products made from lavender. We are hoping that one day, this idea develops into a sustainable, self-sufficient sheltered workshop.

We are also working to establish a rehabilitation center in which people with physical disabilities, who live on their own, could always find friends, support and in case of necessity, help. The city of Lučenec has rented us a building for a nominal rent. Part of our center is also a small, fully equipped kitchen, which will serve two main purposes. First one is to organize gatherings, celebrations and meetings. The second one is to create a place where the clients can learn new skills, improve their cooking skills, meet friends and volunteers and share with them joys and sorrows of life. Still, it remains to be our priority to look for opportunities to help our clients, who suffer from the worst forms of disabilities and are completely immobile and therefore dependent on continuous daily care. This group of clients remains socially isolated in Slatinka manor. Currently, we are looking for funds to build a modern facility with access-for-all and equipped with all the necessary medical devices, where the care would be provided at the highest level of the current European standard.

All our activities are aimed to improve the quality of life of our clients and to increase their self-sufficiency as much as possible.

Any form of support from various donors, foundations, sponsors, as well as from regular people who help through donations or volunteering allows us to make yet another step forward on our journey.

We are thankful to all our supporters. Together with them and our clients, we had a very active and successful year. At the same time, we would like to raise to your attention few things and areas in which we would welcome your support.

Some of our clients still lack smaller furniture, equipment and accessories; bedside tables, chairs, shelves, smaller appliances,... in their new homes. To finish up the kitchen project at the Rehabilitation center we still need a few accessories and equipment: a table, chairs, cutlery, plates, glasses, pots and a fridge. Also, a 6 seater van suitable for passenger transport, with a larger luggage compartment, which we could modify for transport of people in wheelchairs, would help us to provide better care to people with physical disabilities. The minibus, we currently possess, has exceeded its service life and it keeps reminding us of this fact far too often.

If you were inspired by our activities and plans and you are able and willing to contribute to their realization, we would greatly welcome any support.

You can get involved in our activities as volunteers, or you can contribute by financial or non-monetary donations.

If you choose a financial donation, the account number of our support organisation OZ Dlaň is: Tatra Banka 262 903 60 93/1100.

We thank you in advance for all expressed sympathy and support and wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones.